July 30, 2015

We are pleased to announce the 2015 Flute Fall-In. It will be October 15-18, 2015. Details of the event, location and faciliites, directions, and registration information are provided above.

The Fall-in schedule of events is listed below:

Fall-In weekend (October 15-18, 2015) schedule refined to include special guest Shamanic Herbalist Kristen Dorsey, see details of the weekend below:

Thursday Noon: Fall-In weekend begins (starting with dinner Thursday, all meals are provided for weekend registrants)

Friday Morning (7am): Yoga with Stuart

Kristen Dorsey will lead Two "Plant-Walks": each two-hour walks will highlight useful plants: medicinal or edible. We wander the Land as a group and talk about the plants we find, as well as point out identifying features to help with future recognition.

Friday Morning: During the "edible plant" walk plus basic harvest, preparation & cooking: We wander the Land for 2 hours and harvest/field prep edible plants.

After Friday Lunch: We then gather in a kitchen and prepare these plants as a simple meal. We discuss flavor profiles and best uses in foods. We prepare a simple meal together, usually a soup/bread or egg/bread meal.

Later Friday afternoon: We are all invited to the home of Kitty McGann for one of Kitty's fabulous home-cooked meals and reminiscing.

Saturday Morning: During the two-hour "medicinal plant" walk we will identify medicinal plant and harvest them. We then gather in a kitchen for 2 hours and learn basic herbal medicine making practices and uses. Attendees will leave with a jar of infused oil or a tincture, depending on what we find on the walk.

Saturday afternoon: Randy and Shelly Stentzel will lead a drum making workshop. Each participant will make their own 16" Deer raw hide Native American style drum on a 12-sided cedar frame (additional fee of $195 you MUST pre-register so enough materials are on hand)

Saturday night: Drum & Journey Circle: Attendees will gather around a Fire in the evening with drums and other musical instruments. We begin with a rhythmic drumming session that lasts 10-20 min. Attendees then sit or lie comfortably as Kristen Dorsey leads us through a relaxation and visualization. She then drums for about 15 minutes while participants journey to the beat of the drum. Following the Journey, participants share their experience and any messages they received that they feel comfortable sharing.

Sunday Noon: Fall-in weekend finishes


Potomac Native American Flute Festival

Latest News (March 20, 2014) The 2014 Potomac Flute Festival was a great success! We celebrated the wonderful sounds and energies of the Native American flute. If you love playing the flute, listening to the flute, or learning about the flute, the Festival was the place to be. This year, we are celebrated the last ten years of festivals with our theme: "Winds of Remembrance." In addition to seven stellar Native American flute performers, we had workshops for all levels of experience, our always awesome Vendor Hall, an Open Mic where everyone who wanted to got the chance to play, and three Saturday concerts with headlining performers drawn from our last ten years of festivals.



The next event has not been scheduled. Please click on the Northern Virginia Flute Circle link above for more details and directions.


The next event has not been scheduled. Please click on the Potomac Flute Circle link above for more details and directions.