** Native American Flutes and Native American Style Flutes **

Roger Bennett

Redbird Flutes

Colyn Petersen and Kitty Brougham

Woodland Voices Flutes

Brent Haines

Woodsounds Flutes

Randy and Shelly Stenzel

Feather Ridge Flutes and Drums

Jim Verrelli

Jim's Flutes

Geri Littlejohn

Green Grass Flutes

Brad Young

Four Wind Flutes

Ed Dougherty

Tree of Life Designs

David ONeal

Rising Moon Flutes

Jon Norris

Jon Norris Music & Arts

Billy Whitefox

Billy Whitefox

Craig Noss

Fire Flutes

**Jewelry, Drums, Other Instruments and Accessories**

Suzanne Morgan

Native Spirit

Rhythm of the Earth (Drums by Cyndy Paige)

Rhythm of the Earth

House of Musical Traditions

House of Musical Traditions